You’re back, huh?

You are just itching to know the secret to successful video advertising, I assume?

Okay, maybe not. Either way, that’s what you’re getting today…the secret to successful video advertising!

(P.S.-I just loved the name of yesterday’s blog so much that I just switched it around for part two of this blog set. For whatever reason, Yuletide Meets YouTube Part 2 just wasn’t doing it for me.)


Yesterday, I shared a favorite (ish?) Christmas commercial. However, when you hear the word “commercial,” you may think I watched it on TV.

You would be wrong.

Like most TV-watchers, I fast forward straight through commercials. In fact, I intentionally wait to watch my shows until they are done recording so that I can skip commercials.

Video Advertising Can Work For You!

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So, how did I see the commercial, you ask?


Well, technically, I saw it posted as a video on Facebook, but the video was first put on YouTube.

What does that mean for you? Well, to achieve successful video advertising, you have to strategically place your video in front of your consumer. You simply can’t bank on people watching commercials on TV anymore…you have to take your video advertising (and marketing in general) where you’re consumers are.


Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or just on your own website (or all of the above!) the key to successful video advertising is putting it online! Give your customers not only the chance to see your video, but the chance to share it with their friends! Hey, you can’t beat free exposure, right?

(You can’t get that with commercials, by the way…)

So take your video advertising online today! Wondering how? We can help! Contact SDB to learn more about how to run video online. Just submit the form above or give us a call!

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