Your Business Needs A Website. But Why?

As a business owner, you may have the idea that you don’t need a website.  You don’t see the purpose, or understand the benefit that it would provide.  Coming from a consumer and marketer standpoint, here at 6 reasons why you need a website.

1. Do Your Customers Consider Your Business To Be Credible? They Will.

Okay business owners, listen up!  As a consumer, to me, you lose all credibility when I Google your business and you don’t have a website, or you consider your Facebook page to be your website.  9 times out of 10 I will move on to your competitors because they have a website, which makes them appear more credible than your business with just a Facebook page.  If you currently have a website, but it’s mediocre, consider a redesign with the team at SDB Creative Group and we’ll produce a professional image that showcases your business’ strongest assets.

2. Are You Showing Your Customers Your Best Side?

No matter what kind of business you own, your website is the ideal platform to show off what you do!  Include a photo gallery, or customer testimonials, these aspects give you the opportunity to show your potential clients what makes your business unique.

3. Save Yourself Some Time!

You know that providing your customers with information takes time, sometimes a lot of time.  I’m sure you get daily calls asking the same questions repeatedly.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were somewhere you could bundle and display all this information?  Hello, your website is where that stuff goes!  You’ll still get the occasional call asking the same questions, but for the most part, customers will check your website first.  Added bonus… along with providing your business hours and address, you can provide products, services and an “about us” to save yourself and them time.  And what is time?  Time is money!

4. Again, Time Is What?

Along with saving yourself some time, you’ll save some money!  You may have the pre-conceived notion that you can’t afford a professional website.  When in reality you can’t afford not to have one.  The cost of a website design changes depending on your type of business, but once your site is up and running the maintenance is extremely affordable.  Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing through your website is a cost-effective way to promote your business.

5. Your Customers Are Informed

A website is the digital face of your business.  Your customers will visit your site to find updates.  Do you have a special offer this week, new products in stock, or an upcoming event?  Think of how much easier it would be for your customers to find this information vs. looking for the paper flyer you mailed them two weeks ago.  Print ads are outdated, your website will provide current information and news.

6. Give Them What They Want

Of course, you want to educate your customers about your business, but how?  As both a marketer and a consumer, blogs are your answer.  If I want to know more about your company or have a question, I read your blogs.  Your blog offers real life examples of how your business will benefit me.  Your blogs, FAQ’s and other educational materials help keep your customers informed.

Do you need a website designer or a redesign for your business? Let’s talk, let SDB Creative Group help your business today!

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