An entry from a salesmen’s journal:

I had been in sales for about four months before I figured out the real problem. People just weren’t ready for the new age way of advertising and marketing.

A couple months ago I showed up at a non-profit organization for an arranged meeting to discuss marketing ideas. Sitting down in the chair across from her we begin discussing their previous marketing campaign and why it did not work. This includes television spots, radio ads, signs and banners, the list goes on. All of which had worked for them in the past. Hints why she called us (SDB).

Between her commercials being shown during the worst times of the day when no one was home or her signs taking up too much of her budget we had some work to do.

Pretty much everything she had tried in the past is considered Outbound Marketing. This means your company is reaching out to your target market whether they are wanting to see you or not.

So we tried Inbound Marketing.

I find the hardest part about Inbound Marketing sales is telling people why they need to change their ways. It is like trying to tell someone that’s been wearing the same clothes for 20 years that it is time to get a new wardrobe (sorry, girl reference).

What we determined the best strategy for this non-profit was to direct their budget from television and paper ads to online.

Once posting and online ads begin we managed to get their Facebook page growing by 500%! Online search engine ads were used to promote their biggest events. We had blogs going out to inform the members and others about the organization, which in turn brought in more members and donations. And with monthly training, they all learned a little something extra to take including how to run a social media campaign correctly, what to post what not to post, and how to do it effectively etc.

All in all we were able to take their budget and complete turn it around. They grew their events and pages exponentially while spending less than they had on Outbound Marketing.

If you are someone that’s interest in Inbound Marketing: Give us a call!

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