You don’t need Facebook…or do you? Who’s on Facebook now? Why do I care? Why do they keep changing things on me? How can I keep up? We know these are the questions racing through your mind on a consistent basis in order to keep up with your social marketing plans.

We know who isn’t on Facebook. The teens & tweens have moved on to other platforms, ones that they perceive to be parent free. They have moved on to image rich platforms with little content. Eventually parents will follow, and some already are.

Why should you care? Because if you have a business, social media should be part of your marketing mix, and it means the adults are still on Facebook and it’s a great place to reach them.

Why do they keep changing things? Facebook knows that people are moving to the platforms that highlight image based stories vs. content, so they have drastically overhauled their news feed to accommodate that need.

How can I keep up? Read, read, read and enlist the help of people who can focus on your social media and develop your plans to maximize your exposure. Facebook states people will start noticing the changes over the coming months. The best move to is start rethinking your strategy and implement your plan of action today.

People will have a choice of feeds and the ability to toggle back and forth between different feeds: NEWSFEED, ALL FRIENDS, MOST RECENT, MUSIC, PHOTOS, GAMES AND FOLLOWING. Business pages will now fall under the “Following” feed. As a business owner, you don’t want to stay hidden, so, below are recommendations on how to keep your content in front of our audience:

  • Images, images, images, that’s what you need to focus on. According to research by Hubspot, “photos generate 53% more likes than average posts and 104% more comments that the average posts” (average posts included text, links & photo posts). As a company you will need to invest time in creating and sharing captivating visuals.
  • You’ll need to focus on publishing more visual content not just in your status updates, but ads as well.
  • Keep your copy short. Captions will now overlay images, instead of under your images.
  • Write compelling content. Facebook will highlight shared stories from your friend’s feeds. Utilize your blog as a means to share these stories on Facebook.
  • Integrate Pinterest with Facebook.
  • Influence check-ins. When a person checks in to your location it shows up in their Newsfeed.
  • Continue to increase your likes. Anytime a new person likes your page, your business cover photo shows up in their Newsfeed. Another great reason to be sure your cover photo is set to influence the friends of your new fan.

The popularity of more image based platforms have influenced the changes that Facebook needed to make to keep their platform strong & valuable to its user base. Are you confused, yet? We bet “Yes”, and if you don’t have the right people in place to navigate and utilize all of the new and older platforms, your efforts will not be seen. For more information on how your business will benefit from social media, we invite you to our Social Media seminar on April 3rd. Call SDB Creative Group at 432-218-6736 for more information.

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