It was a dark and dreary week…

Last week was a tough week at the SDB office. The delivery of the Yellow Pages. It pained us to see all that paper go to waste…because let’s face it, who uses the Yellow Pages? Nowadays, if you’re looking for a phone number, you look it up online. Kids these days don’t even know what a phonebook is! This is because our world is shifting from traditional to digital. Are you adjusting accordingly? We’ll tell you how.

Quit wasting your hard earned marketing dollars on the Yellow Pages. Put your money towards something that will get your business found…your website.

The Yellow Pages are a waste of your marketing dollars!

The Yellow Pages…A.K.A. free firewood.

If you’re not first, you’re last

It’s amazing really what kind of an impact the phone book had on business.  Thousands of companies started their name with “A-1” or “AAA” to try and get the first position in the phone book.  Why did they do that?  Because the probability of their business being called before their competition was much higher if they were listed first.

The same applies today, but not with the phone book.  It applies in how your business appears when your product or service is searched for online.  If you’re not on the first page of the search results, forget it.  You’re not getting called.  Think of the first page of search engine results for your product or service as the most valuable real estate you can buy, the Boardwalk of business listings.

You can rent it at a high rate buy purchasing search advertising, or you can own it by creating the right content on your website.  Doesn’t ownership sound a lot better?  It is.

Optimize your website by taking these steps:

1. Make sure the titles of your website pages are specific to the content they contain.  This is the first data that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the other search engines will look at.  If your page title is “HOME” or “BLANK”, you’re not telling the search engines what the content on your page is all about. Make them specific to your products and services offered.

2. Make sure your content is optimized, that you have enough of it, and that it is updated regularly.  It’s not enough to say for example, “We provide excellent service in automotive repair.”  Unfortunately this is about how far a multitude of business go in describing their products and services on their website.  Think about what search engine companies like Google care about.  They want to make sure they are providing the consumers using their search engine with the absolute most relevant results possible.  They look at how much content you have on your site.  They factor in how many keywords are being used related to the search and  your page title.  They look at when your website was last updated with new content.    They’re going to provide search results that they believe has the most current, robust content.

3. Structure the content on your website with appropriate headings including the keywords.  H1, H2, H3 tags and so on when used properly highlight your content, and show the search engines you have something important to talk about.  This gives you credibility with them, and makes them more apt to rank you higher.

4. Include appropriate images and create titles for your images using keywords related to your content.  Search engines like images and video.  Try to include them in everything you do.

5. Dedicate the time and resources to continually work on your website.  It’s not good enough to do the work right, and then sit back and relax.  Google is famous for changing its algorythms all the time.  You have to stay on top if you want to be on top.

Say goodbye to your Yellow Pages subscription

If you’re not on the first page now, the good news is you can be if you work at it.  And while you work at owning the space you can utilize paid search advertising as a “rent to own” type program until your first in the organic rankings.  Remember though that you cannot rest on your laurels.  All your competition also wants to own the top of the first page of search results.  You have to constantly monitor and make changes when needed to stay there once you get there.

Have questions or need help?  Just click HERE or on the image below and an expert from SDB Creative Group can sign you up for a free website analysis to see where your site ranks among your competiton.

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