This week, we are answering common marketing questions…some that you may even have wanted to ask an advertising agency or marketing professional.

Yesterday, we answered “what’s wrong with my marketing?” Today we’ll be answering “why is marketing so expensive?” (One of our favorite questions to answer.)

How do you measure your marketing? Sales? Website traffic? Leads generated?

However you measure your marketing, it provides some value to your business. What is that value worth?

While, of course, there is an element of analytics and equations involved in calculating ROI, you should determine what that metric of value is worth to you. More than likely, that metric is a critical component in growing your business.

Marketing Is An Investment.

…an investment worth making!

When you purchase something of high value, you expect to pay a premium, don’t you?

You probably wouldn’t walk into a Bentley dealership (with the intention to buy) and say, “okay folks, I’d like to purchase the cheapest vehicle in this place!” You’re expecting to pay more money than you would for just any ol’ car. You want the best…for you, there’s value in that. And you’re expected to pay a premium.

Let’s turn that back into marketing.

You find value in growing your business. For that value, you’re expected to pay a premium. But why, you ask? You understand there’s value in business growth and that value comes at a premium. But why is marketing so expensive?

Think about what you’re paying for. When you’re paying an advertising agency, you are paying someone to develop a strategy, implement that strategy, the platforms you’re being placed on, the tools to place you on those platforms, and the actual advertising spend. When it comes to marketing, there’s a lot to pay for.

It comes down to this simple truth: your marketing is valuable because it leads to business growth. That value comes at a premium cost. Marketing is an investment worth making.

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