Hey y’all, I’m back! Yesterday, we talked about what branding is, exactly. I also got to relive my fantastic trip to New Orleans…and I got totally diverted and started daydreaming about my next adventure! But first, we’re going to talk about why branding is important.

In addition to my wanderlust, I love BuzzFeed. No, it’s not serious journalism by any stretch, but their quizzes are an amusing way to waste time (and uhhhh, research). Recently, I came across this one that asks users to guess the international company based on their brand alone. Could you do it?! I got all twelve right but…it’s kind of my job to know those things.

(also, I must make the disclaimer that BF is notorious for using inappropriate language, so if it offends you…skip it).

Cut and dried, the point is simple: branding is important.

Is Your Business Properly Branded?

No, We Don't Mean Like A Cattle Brand

Here are several examples on why you should brand your product or business:

Branding is important.

Brand Versus Brand Showdown!

(1) Products A, B, and C are all relatively the same. Let’s use sodas for an example. They’re all equally priced, have the same taste (but let’s face it…Coke and Pepsi ARE totally different), and are packaged the exact same way. So how do you get people to buy your product? You differentiate it through branding! Think of Coke and Pepsi.

(2) Innovative products are the ones that become associated with every other competitor out there. There’s a product out there that cleans ears, retouches eye makeup, cleans hard to reach spaces…and every product like it, whether it’s the actual brand or not, is known as a Q-Tip.

(3) Picking a great brand can help you develop even more as a business. Consistency is critical…constantly swapping your logo or updating colors or changing names will lead customers elsewhere. However, SDB is experienced in helping customers rebrand (or update) their businesses effectively and over a period of time.

Branding is important

For car trouble or retirees?

(4) Set yourself apart from your competition. A prime example of this is a friend of mine who sent me an angry text one day. She was incredibly insulted to have received a piece of mail in her 30’s from AAA, thinking it was actually from AARP…for which I teased her mercilessly.

If you’re interested in reading more on branding, I’ll be wrapping up this blog series…because knowing what and why won’t help you with the how!


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