This week, social media is meeting business in a delightful combination we like to call “social media meets business.”

Creative, right?

(Hey, sometimes simple is better.)

Not For Everyone

You may have heard in the past that when it comes to business, social media is “not for everyone.” (Meaning some business can use it and others can’t.)

Well we don’t think so. Every business, small or large, corporate or ma & pa, can utilize social media in some way. If your target customer is on social media (A.K.A. if they breathe), then you should be too.

However, we do agree that not every social media platform is ideal for every business. In fact, each business should have a specific social media plan, using platforms specific to the consumer they are targeting. Wondering what social media your business should use? We’ve put together a short “social media platform guide” to help!

Boggled By Social Media?

Let us help!

Social Media Platform Guide:

LinkedIn-It is best to have a LinkedIn profile if you have a “professional service” business and hire professionals. Think medical, legal, consulting, etc.

Facebook-Yes, just yes.

Instagram-Best used for businesses who use photography to market their (usually) physical products. Especially if your target gender is women, you should be on Instagram.

Twitter-We have found that Twitter is most successful (as far as marketing purposes) in metropolitan areas. Midland-Odessa hasn’t really jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a presence on Twitter. Twitter is good for almost every business…it will probably be the next Facebook (meaning at some point, everyone and their grandma will be on it).

Pinterest-If your target is women, you have to be on Pinterest. End of story.

Google Plus-Honestky, Google Plus is kind of a bust. Google originally created it to be like Facebook, but it never came close. However, it is good to have a Google Plus page claimed so that you can manage the page you receive Google reviews on, and for search engine results (it is Google, after all).

Can’t Even?

Do you feel like you “can’t even” when it comes to social media platforms? (Shoutout to all my basics out there.) Don’t worry, we’re here for ya! We’d love to get started customizing a social media plan for you. All you have to do is sit back and see the success. Contact us to get started! Give us a call at 432-218-6736 or submit the form above!

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