This week, we’re answering questions that you may be wondering in regards to your marketing; questions that you may want to ask an advertising agency…

Today we’re answering “what’s wrong with my marketing?

Guy walks into an ad agency. He’s desperate for help. First question he asks is “what’s wrong with my marketing?” The bubbly advertising consultant sugarcoats her response. “Well, to begin, it seems as if your website isn’t mobile friendly. But that’s totally fine! Oh, and it seems as if your last blog post was 2 years ago…no problem! Yikes, you haven’t posted to Facebook in 3 weeks and it looks like you have a negative review that hasn’t been responded to…that’s okay, at least you’ve tried!”

No. Just no.

What's Wrong With Your Marketing?

Let us help...

You want someone to give it to you straight. No mobile responsiveness, lack of content, and neglected social media are 3 huge reasons your marketing is suffering. You need someone who is not only going to come in and fix those 3 problems, but someone who is going to grow your marketing and advertising efforts beyond anything you could think of doing yourself.

When you sit down with a marketing agency and ask a question like “what’s wrong with my marketing?” you should not get just a straightforward answer, but a strategy that is going to 1) fix any existing problems 2) take your marketing to the next level.

At SDB, that’s just what you’ll get. A direct agency that will do everything for you. Everything. From social media posts, to website design and video production, we take your marketing into our expert hands. And trust us, you can expect expert results.

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