We’re back for the part two blog in the Pokémon Go series! Look around you. Do you see people walking blindly with phone in hand? Sure, it’s possible they’re FaceTiming, but odds are they’re playing Pokémon Go. Last week the augmented reality-based app pulled ahead Facebook and Snapchat as the most popular app downloaded right now!

How did such a new game skyrocket in popularity so quickly? Let’s take a look at some marketing principles that led to the popularity of the new game, and how you can apply these principles to your own company’s marketing practices.



How much advertising did you see about the Pokémon Go app? None until it came out. The Pokémon brand and reputation stood the test of time when the app recently blew up the charts. The power of a strong brand name cannot be underestimated. Establishing credibility in association with your brand will keep those loyal customers coming back for years to come.


Timing Is Everything

The timing of the app release was no accident. Those who were the most loyal to Pokémon are now mid to late twenties and have some serious buying power. Pair that with a sense of nostalgia and chance to reconnect with a former obsession, and you’ve got yourself a locked in customer. Always make sure if you are releasing an offer or new product that you consider timing (season, holiday, trending topic etc.) and make it work in your favor.


Reward Existing Customers

Pokémon fans who have already downloaded the app are encouraged to continue playing and engaging with the app by earning incentives. A user can receive points and rewards for winning a battle or catching certain Pokémon. The method of rewarding existing customers will benefit your business in many ways. Not only does it entice customers to stay with you, it generates leads through customer referrals and recommendations.


Keeping It Simple

Less actually is more. What makes Pokémon Go so wildly popular and largely downloaded is it’s user-friendly platform and basic ease. It’s simple! Walk around to capture pocket monsters right before your eyes! There’s no need to make your customers jump through hoops to receive your service, request assistance, or use your product. Keeping your message clear and simple and having a user-friendly website goes a long way.


Where We Come In

With all of this Pokémon talk, I know you’re tempted to close out of this blog and start playing. Hang in there with me. At SDB Creative Group we see ourselves as an extension of your business. Your success is our success. We can help take care of existing customers and keep your business’s content and messaging in front of potential customers. We will make sure your messages are optimally timed and that your brand is a household name. One more thing: Be sure to fill out our form and let’s get started today making your marketing great!

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