This week, we are asking simple marketing questions to various people in an attempt to understand different perceptions of marketing.

Yesterday, we asked “What is marketing?” and were somewhat surprised that their answer was (basically) right!

Missed it? Catch it here.

Today we’re asking, “What makes up marketing?” Go ahead. Give it your best shot…

Here’s what we got:

“Marketing is made of different advertisements. Like billboards and newspaper stuff, I guess.”

Ehhh, not exactly.

Don't Waste Your Money.

Put it towards marketing that works!

Advertisements don’t technically make up marketing (see the difference here). In fact, they’re different entities. However, that’s a very common misconception when it comes to marketing/advertising…

Also, “billboards and newspaper stuff” aren’t forms of exposure we strive to promote (at the end of the day, we’ll do what you tell us to do, but let us just give it to you straight). While they are “advertisements,” in a traditional sense, they aren’t the best form(s) of advertisement for a business.

This is simply because they don’t give you the return you’re looking for. These forms of advertising are more expensive than they’ve ever been, with the lowest impact they’ve ever had.

Why would you want to pay for that?

You don’t.

Marketing That Works

Instead, put your money towards marketing that works. Marketing that gets you the positive exposure you’re looking for, without spending any more money than you would with traditional advertising. This “marketing that works” is effective because it reaches people in a way that is relevant to their lifestyles (immediate gratification).

So, let’s get started on a marketing plan that works…one that is specific to the needs of your business and reaches your target consumer. How? It’s easy! Just call us or submit the form above!

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