This week, we’re asking innocent victims their answers to simple marketing questions. You may have asked yourself these questions before (and maybe even come up with the same answers), so we’re here to clear up any confusion you may have! Simply and easily. First up, what is marketing?

What Is Marketing?

When asked “what is marketing?” our innocent victim answered: “Marketing is exposure for a business that makes people buy stuff from them.”


That answer is not terrible by any means. However, there is a key word that stands out. Can you guess what it is?


We Make You Look Good...

…really good. Let's get started!

Marketing shouldn’t make anyone do anything. It should, however, promote a decision on the part of the consumer. Marketing should allow a consumer to choose a certain brand, product, company, etc. based on the thoughts/feelings that consumer has about the brand, product, or impression.

It’s all about gaining the attention of a consumer and creating/maintaining an positive image.

But we aren’t all perfect. Every business has flaws…we make mistakes!

But what is important about having flaws is being open and honest about them when mistakes happen. Your consumers deserve that…and it will only make your company better.

That’s just one of the many components of creating/maintaining that positive image we talked about earlier. But it’s not as easy as it sounds…however, you’re in luck!

At SDB, we are experts at that positive image creation and maintenance and would love to get started with your business today!

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