What does you website have in common with Bradley Cooper? Well let us tell you!

Did you know Bradley Cooper’s most recent film, American Sniper, racked in 300 million of the 600 million made in box office tickets this year?!

Well, why not make your website bring in 50% of your company’s overall sales?

HERE’S HOW (Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the popcorn)

Why do you think American Sniper was the most popular film this year? Because it relates. This is why it is so important for your website to relate to your target customers as well.

If you think about your website being your 24/7 salesman, you want that salesman to be able to connect with your potential customers.
So how do you make your website relatable?

Your website needs some conversation starters. Through blogs, landing pages, eBooks, etc you are able to talk to your client both about what they are looking for and how you can help. They begin to understand who you are as a company and through clickable calls to action you can then learn more about them. Pretty simple, right? The more conversational your website, the more likely you’ll bring in that potential client, catch their attention, and eventually close them as a customer.

Well, a responsive and modern website is a great start. A good looking website (like Bradley Cooper…ok fine I’ll stop) can be a great first impression to your visitor when they are directed to your site. Make sure your website is functioning perfectly to get your potential client where they need to go. Next is content to bring them in, with calls to action to close.

Did we accurately show you what your website has in common with Bradley Cooper yet? Once you have done all that, you should be good to go! (Simpler said than done)

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