Whales, Crab Cakes, and Baked Beans, Oh My!

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Maine. Having never been to Maine, I was very excited to go on a new adventure. I imagined vast blue waters speckled with white sailboats, aged lighthouses overlooking the ships coming into the harbor, bright red lobsters ready to be dunked in butter…

Before I go on any trip, I like to do a little bit of research. I want to know what this place is “known for;” popular things to do, interesting sights to see, different foods to try. While it may surprise you, given my cautious and careful nature, I love a new adventure and traveling to new places always excites me.


Upon doing this research for my upcoming trip, I determined that whale watching would be first on our list of things to do. Maine (and the northeast coast in general) is known for whale watching this time of year, so what better place to do it than in Maine? Whale watching was an incredible thing to do, and I would recommend it to anyone! It was a wonderful experience and I am still in awe of these gigantic, yet majestic, creatures.

Crab Cake & Baked Beans

Next on our list was to try crab cakes and baked beans. (Who knew baked beans were something Maine was known for? Not me!) Again, I wasn’t disappointed. Both were delicious! We hadn’t even finished our baked beans before we were planning our next meal: lobster with butter. Or should I say butter with lobster?

What Is Your Business Known For?

The point of sharing a couple of highlights from my trip is not to boast about my incredible trip (okay, maybe), but to ask you a simple question. What is your business known for? What are you putting out there that makes your customers want to try you out? It may be your cutting edge technology, quality customer service, or heck, maybe it’s the fact that you can deliver pizza in 30 minutes (in case Papa John is reading this). Give your business something that makes someone want to try it out.

Marketing can help you brand your business and position yourself in a way that makes people aware of this certain trait or quality. The key is not only having this quality, but making it known. Marketing can help you do that. Want to know more about how the team at SDB can make it possible? Contact us today!

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