If you’ve missed this week’s blog series, you’ve missed how we’ve been telling you that “traditional” forms of advertising aren’t as effective as they once were.

(We’ll catch you up to speed here.)

Yes, that’s right. Radio advertising, TV advertising, print advertising…it simply doesn’t work.


There are a lot of reasons these don’t work, but basically, things that are out of date tend to be less effective (if at all). It’s like trying to communicate via telegram. You can try all you’d like, but if the person you are trying to send the message to is unable (or unwilling) to receive it, then you’re out of luck.

It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, you have to adapt to your consumer.

To create and maintain this customer-oriented marketing style, you have to communicate the way your customers would…

Take Your Marketing To 2015

We can help!

Website Advertising

I almost hate to call it “website advertising,” because it makes it sounds like it’s advertising that comes solely from your website. While there are several integral parts (social media, email campaigns, search engine ads, SEO) to website advertising, a website is the hub to the wheel. Without an awesome website to direct to, those integral parts are almost pointless.

So ditch the traditional advertising today. Like now.

What’s keeping you from starting a marketing strategy that works? It works because it actually reaches people in a way they want to be reached. No more hard pressed marketing methods. Consumers are tired of those and will ultimately ignore you. That’s the last thing you want from your marketing! So let’s get started. Contact us to learn more!

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