This week, we are welcoming you to the year 2015 (yeah, we realize it’s August).

The year of large mobile devices, wearable technology, and cable-less homes…

Cable-less homes?


10 years ago, if we had told you that households would cut their (extremely high) cable services for subscription based services (Netfilx, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, etc.), you would’ve said we had lost our minds.

Well, minds fully present and functioning, this has happened.

People are tired of paying the outrageous prices for cable and are using alternate forms of TV-watching (even at the risk of “binge watching” the day{s} away). In fact, paid TV had its worst months ever April-June 2015, losing 600,000 subscribers nationally.

Ditch TV Advertising

We'll show you how!

Did you know this change has an affect on how you market your business?

Obviously, if people aren’t watching cable anymore, they are not going to be exposed to marketing messages that are exclusive to TV (commercials). So this is us telling you (as experienced marketing professionals, nonetheless), TV advertising is on its way out.

Even if a household does not cut their cable entirely, the days where people actually watch commercials are gone. If they don’t fast forward through them (thanks DVR), they are on their mobile devices while commercials are on.

Point of the story?

Cut your TV advertising. It doesn’t have nearly the reach it used to, and it’s increasingly expensive.

TV Advertising < Internet Marketing

Use marketing that actually works because it actually reaches people. We know you can’t advertise on these popular subscription based services (yet), but you can reach people in other ways that are guaranteed to work, (mobile, websites, search engine ads, blogs, social media, etc.)

And that is exactly what we’re covering this week. So stay tuned to learn more about the irrelevance of “traditional” marketing and the changes you need to make to “get relevant.”

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