It may be August, but welcome to 2015!

A lot of things in our society have drastically changed in the past 5 years. The way we eat, the way we shop, the way we dress, the way we date…(the list could go on and on).

That means the way marketers reach people has changed, too.

Think about it.

When people quit using telegrams, they quit making telegraphs. So, even though you may have really liked using a telegraph machine (that’s what was most comfortable) you had to make a change due to the fact that telegrams were now an irrelevant form of communication.

And aren’t you glad we made that change? What would we do without our iPhones?!


Get started with marketing that WORKS.

People don’t use telegrams to communicate anymore. They use mobile devices. Not only are these devices used solely for “communication,” but they are used for almost every activity imaginable.

So, if you’re using a telegram to advertise (A.K.A. an outdated form of marketing), we strongly encourage you to begin using relevant media, including mobile advertising.

Why Mobile Advertising?

Not only is it a highly effective form of marketing, but it will soon be one of the only ways of reaching your target audience. (Just like the telegraph phased out of society, so will traditional advertising.)

So, even though it’s what has “worked” for so long, even though it’s what you’re most comfortable with, we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and implement an Internet marketing plan for your business (one of those components being mobile advertising).

If you understand your need for relevant marketing, but need more information, give us a call or submit the form above! We’d be happy to tell you more. Or, stayed tuned for the rest of our “Welcome To 2015” blog series as we discuss the other components of an effective Internet marketing strategy.

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