Yet again I’ve blinked my eyes and the weekend is over already. We may all live different lives and have different weeks, but EVERYONE looks forward to the weekend. While most people take a breather from the hustle and bustle that the week brings, you may be surprised to find out that the weekend is actually the best time for you to run a mobile marketing campaign.

Why Are Weekends Best?

Studies show that people are most “active”  on their devices the last three days of the week. In fact, a recent 2016 Mobile Insights Report from SOOMLA showed that indeed weekends are when users are most active and that Saturdays prove to be the strongest day, especially in regards to gaming and app activity.

The report also suggests weekends are a time where users are in more of a “shopping mood.” Sounds like the perfect time to marketing your product or service.

Devices Matter

Keep in mind when it comes to use, a tablet and smartphone are two very different things. Tablets are typically used for longer sessions in a more laid-back setting (typically evenings). Users are on smartphones for more sessions, but for a shorter amount of time. Smartphones are more on-the-go than tablets.

Weekend Wise

Now that you know the optimal time to push mobile marketing, you’ll need a team to manage your ads and increase your reach! Choose SDB Creative Group for all of your digital marketing needs. We know the best times, placements, and content that will bring new customers straight to you!


Choose SDB Creative Group for all of your mobile marketing needs.
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