This week, we’re giving you all the essentials of generating website traffic. We got off to a great start yesterday discussing design (and no, we aren’t just talking about it looking pretty.)

So, besides design, what does it take to make a great website?

If you’re going to create a website, you want it to be an awesome representation of your company. Let’s continue with another way to generate quality website traffic…

Content Balance

Content balance? What’s that?
Well, it’s a term I just made up. However, don’t discredit its importance.
When creating a website, keep content balance in mind. By this, I mean, publish content to your site that is important/essential to your business. More than likely, that’s the same content that people are looking for. When developing that content, ask yourself these questions:

    1. Why are people coming to my website?
    2. What (specifically) are they looking for?
    3. What content can I (as a business owner) provide that satisfies the needs of my customer?

Need Website Traffic?

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Create content that answers those questions. If people are coming to your site to contact you, make sure a contact form stands out. If you’re in an industry that may require more research, make sure they are easily directed to a blog section or to a section where they can learn more about your services and how you differentiate yourself from your competition.
Okay, but where does the “balance” part come in?
Ahhh, great question. But unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!
But in the meantime, we are happy to answer more questions about generating website traffic!
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