Is Your Website Safe?

Have you asked yourself if the fictional situations from the show “Mr. Robot” could become a reality? Is your website at risk for potential hackers? Not with SDB Creative Group on your side! I know you’ve heard the chatter regarding the recent ransomware attack “WannaCry” that infected more than 300,000 computers worldwide. It’s scary, we know this, so of course it makes you a little nervous. Let me share with you a bit of history on how ransomware started and how we can lower your stress levels when it comes to website security today!

The First Ransomware Virus

In 1989, before Bill Gates graciously introduced us to the World Wide Web, the first ransomware virus was discharged. Distributed to the world with the infamous, archaic form of a floppy disk, (you know those things you use as a drink coaster?). Who could think up such a heinous act you ask? Mr. Joseph L. Popp, a biologist with a Ph.D. from Harvard. Popp deviously mailed out a whopping 20,000 floppies to health researchers around the globe. The fraudulent program would lock a user’s computer after a fixed number of reboots.  Shortly after the computer would lock, a ransom letter printed demanding a $189 “licensing fee” in exchange for a decryption key. The medical community erupted in pandemonium, destroying at least 10 years of research in fear their files had been compromised. Fortunately, the virus turned out to be a sham, and a free decryption software was made available to Popp’s victims.

WannaCry Virus

28 years after the first ransomware virus was unveiled, criminals have become increasingly advanced in the process. 24 hours after the WannaCry attack occurred, it was dubbed the first global, coordinated attack. The attack crippled hospitals, factories, banks, and other mission-critical business and infrastructure across the globe.

Let Us Help You!

Ransomware is a growing epidemic, revealing to the world just how large of a threat it really is. But no need to worry, the team at SDB has your back; we can help your website remain safe and secure. We run the required updates and monitor your site regularly. Let’s Talk about making your website more secure today!

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