Yesterday, I told you what exactly website landing pages are and why they are important to the success of your website. But how should these landing pages be designed in order to actually create leads for your business? Glad you asked!

Landing Page Design

There are several critical elements when it comes to landing page design:

1. Images – We are a visual society. In fact, 78% percent of online visitors  want images. So, be sure to grab their attention with images! These images can be anything relevant to the product/service you’re promoting, in a way that complement the design of your website.

2. Color – This goes back on the “visual society” thing. Do not send your website visitors to a white page with small black font. It’s boring and no one will convert on a page that’s boring. Again, try to complement the rest of your website by sticking to the same font style and color scheme.

Do Your Landing Pages Convert?

They can, with our help!

3. Call To Action – Tell your visitor what action you want them to take. Calls to action can be a line of text or a button that says “click here.” Either way, keep it simple, but bold.

4. Form – Every landing page should include a form to collect name and email address (minimum). This form then needs to be collected in some type of customer database that stores their information for further marketing or contact purposes. Keep in mind that a call to action and form will work together. Typically, there is some type of call to action on or near a form in order to tell your visitor what they should do.

Visitors To Customers

Keep the above elements in mind when building your landing pages. Landing page design is critical to how you convert online visitors to customers. Now that we’ve defined and designed landing pages, now it’s time to find out how they deliver! Check back in tomorrow!

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