This week, we’ve talked about website landing pages. First, we defined them and then we explained how they should be designed for optimum performance.

But how, exactly do website landing pages deliver results?

Landing Pages Deliver

When the landing pages on your website are placed and designed properly, they’ll deliver. You can share your landing pages in other ways besides in online ads, too. Remember that social media and email marketing are perfect platforms to display your landing pages!

Before you promote the landing pages on your website, you must be sure of one thing.


You obviously want to be sure that your landing pages work before you promote them. Wouldn’t it be awful if you spent all the time designing and promoting your pages and they didn’t work?

Landing Pages That Deliver.

Let us help!

First, let me explain what I mean by the word “work.” Like I mentioned in our first blog, landing pages should have a form. When the form is submitted, it needs to go to an email address (ideally to a person who will take quick action in responding to the form submission). Each form should have an email address that is associated with it.

Before your pages go live, you should submit several “test forms” from a couple of email addresses to make sure all the fields work properly and that the designated email address actually receives the submission.

There you have it. Now you know what landing pages are, how they should be designed and how they work…let’s get started! Contact SDB by submitting the form above!

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