Have you ever heard of the term “landing page” on reference to a website?

If so, you may have been wondering what exactly that means. It’s an incredibly important part of your website…but why? In my blog series this week, you’ll understand what a landing page is, how they should be designed and why they deliver.


By definition, a website landing page is:

the section of a website accessed by clicking a hyperlink on another web page, typically the website’s home page.

(Thanks, Google.)

Put simply, a website landing page is where a visitor will “land” on a website. Yes, it can be a home page, but more typically, it’s a page within the website. Landing pages are the perfect place to direct online ads, as you can send visitors to the specific content they’re looking for.

Wondering About Great Landing Pages?

You've Landed In The Right Place. SDB Can Help!

For example, your Google search for “orange pumpkin t-shirt” (forgive my Halloween spirit). You click on the first Google result and are directed to the page of a website (landing page) that contains orange pumpkin t-shirts. It would be a bummer to be directed to the website’s homepage, considering the website is probably focused on all types of t-shirts, and maybe even all types of clothing!

You see, Google likes to direct people to the page that is going to be most relevant to their search, too. That’s why, the more optimized the website landing page, the more likely you’ll show up in Google results.

But how do you optimize a landing page?

That’s where we’ll pick up tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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