Earlier this week, we discussed “content creation.”

Let me put it to you brutally, folks.
People aren’t going to read the content that you spend hours writing.
Okay, maybe that was harsh.
Most people won’t read the content you spend hours writing.
Content is important, and essential to a great website. As discussed yesterday, the optimization behind that content is vital.
People may not want to read, but they will look at pictures. Images are intriguing, and make a website go from “okay” to “awesome.” In order to build quality website traffic, you must include images.

Make Your Website Awesome.

With our help, you can!

On a website (or anything, for that matter), our eyes naturally gravitate towards images. It starts before we can talk, our parents show us “picture books.” Is that why our eyes tend to look at pictures before words…?
I don’t know. I’m a marketer, not a scientist.
Find some images that show who you are/what you do (just in case people don’t read the words that talk about it). Okay, so an adorable chicken picture like the one we used may not be really relevant to our services…but, it got your attention didn’t it? While that is not a recommended tactic, it’s okay every once in awhile!

Wondering what else is essential to a good website? We’ve got one more for tomorrow…so stay tuned! But in the meantime, we would love to give you more information about website design and the components involved to make yours stand above the rest. Give us a call or contact us by submitting the form above!


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