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Looking for a website designer? Obviously, it’s overwhelming to view the results after typing the words “website designer” into Google Search. Pages and pages full of different agencies begging for your business come up on the screen and you have no idea where to start. What if you pick the wrong company and they suck? Or even worse, what if they scam you and leave you with no money and a crappy website? It would probably help if you had a breakdown listing a few important qualities to look for in an agency, right? Below you’ll find those qualities listed, and if you click here you’ll find that SDB Creative Group is just the agency you were looking for! You can thank us later for saving you all that time you would have spent on agency research.


Is your potential agency interested in learning more about your industry? I don’t mean if your company is a pet store that your designer should volunteer on the weekends or anything. But make sure they are willing to ask you questions so they can feature quality content on your website. If your agency isn’t asking you anything about your industry, they most likely won’t have the most accurate information on your website.


What do you want the aim of your website to be? Are you shooting for brand awareness only? If so, that means you want your website to have clear, and organized information and educational materials about your products or services. Are you leaning more towards e-commerce? Then you should focus more on conversions and building your customer base. These are questions you need to ask yourself and ask your agency how they plan to execute your ideas.


You think you’re ready? You’ve found the agency you want to hire, well one final step. Read customer testimonials that relate to your industry. Look at the different design layouts that this agency has created before. If you like what you see and think you may want to work with them, make sure they’re willing to work with you! You want your website to reflect your company’s values, make sure your agency can deliver that. Make sure your agency incorporates your concepts and takes what you say seriously.

Now you’re all set! You know some standard questions to get started in your agency search. Lucky for you SDB has these qualities and more, without the endless hours of Google Searching required. Contact us today to learn more!