The Small Business's Guide To Surviving Hurricane Harvey

//Weathering The Storm: The Small Business’s Survival Guide For Hurricane Harvey

The Small Business’s Survival Guide For Hurricane Harvey

25% of businesses do not reopen after a major disaster. Don’t be another statistic.

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The recent devastation to the Lone Star State came in waves. Hurricane Harvey is determined to be the worst hurricane to hit the United States in the last decade, leaving the Houston area and cities along the coast in complete ruin. Most people in the path of the storm have lost their homes and many businesses are left wondering what’s next.

We at SDB Creative Group, headquartered in Midland, Texas want to do anything we can to help those business owners affected by this natural disaster. We’ve put together some tips for small businesses to survive Hurricane Harvey and the hard times that may follow.

Safety First

First and foremost, there is nothing more important than your safety or the safety of your employees. Make it very clear to your employees you value their safety. Your employees will feel less stressed and emotional if you make it clear to them that they matter to you as a business owner.

Calm & Clear Communication

Communication is key during times like these. Whether you are communicating with customers or potential customers, it’s important to be completely transparent about the company’s situation. If you are somehow still available for business, let customers know that you are. The longer you can keep revenue coming in, the higher your chances are surviving this disaster.

Here are a few examples of social media posts letting your customers know of your availability. Feel free to copy and paste for your own use!

As we continue to keep Hurricane Harvey victims in our thoughts and prayers, {Company Name} will be closing its doors until {Date} in order to help with relief efforts. #TexasStrong

We would like to thank all first responders and resucers who have risked it all. you truly are making a difference in the lives of many. 

Texas, we are here for you and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We continue to #PrayForTexas as we prepare to reopen our doors. 

Our doors are now open! For reliable {Product/Service} services, contact us today! {Link/Phone Number}

Be As Available As Possible, Without Overpromising

If you are still struggling to get to a desk or a computer, be aware of the fact that is it vital not to overpromise or overestimate your capabilities. If it’s going to take you a week to send something, don’t promise three days. Understand your situation and realize that mostly everyone understands it too. Deadlines will be pushed back and things will take a little bit longer right now. Be honest with customers and/or clients who need you. They’ll appreciate the honestly and be more likely to use you again once you’re back up and running!

Use Your Skills

The beauty of such a tragedy like this is that we get to see basic kindness. While disagreements happen, Americans prove time and time again that when times get tough, we take care of one another. People and companies are helping in various ways, based on their resources and what they are able to do. For example, Gallery Furniture opened its doors in the Houston area and acted as a shelter for victims and volunteers who needed a place to sleep. Use resources within your company if possible, and show the community you care. Especially if you aren’t in a position to give financially right now, there are other ways to get involved and help the community.


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