It’s Tuesday, which means it’s the last day of my “Watch & Learn series. So since it’s the last day, I thought it would be best not to focus on someone else’s marketing strategy, but to only focus on yours. After all, it is the one that deserves the most attention.

So What Do YOU Do Right? 

This week we’ve looked at Netflix, Nike and Coca-Cola to see just what they do right in their marketing plan. But what do you do right? What makes your marketing better than the competition? Here, let’s wrap up all we’ve learned this past week and begin your road to an amazing marketing plan, taking tips from the pros.

Do Your Job. Do It Right.

Whatever your product or service, make sure the customers who use your company are far more pleased than those using the competition. Are you a roofer? Perform a quick job, clean up afterwards, and make sure your customer is pleased. Are you a plumber? Complete the job, and make sure your customer is 100% satisfied with his/her results. If this past blog series has taught us anything, it has taught us the value of a job well done.

Think Outside The Box

Just like Netflix and their “Gilmore Girls” candle, find new trending ways to connect to your customers. Come up with a new, fun and catchy hashtag for your next promotion, or give away the newest tech tool on the market for you customers.

Give Back

What we’ve seen with our blog highlights this week, is that people spend with companies who give back to causes they care about. Take part in the local food drive or toy drive for the holidays. Let the community know you care about their well-being.

SDB Can Help

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Your Marketing Is All That Matters

SDB Creative Can Take Your Marketing To The Next Level
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