Today, I am continuing my series on looking to those who rock their marketing and seeing what we can learn from these notable companies. Today let’s take a look at Nike. Let’s just do this.

So What Do They Do Right?


The swoosh. No one sees the swoosh and fails to recognize what brand they’re looking at. The slogan. When you read Just Do It and don’t think of Nike, where have you been? Nike has become one of the largest shoe and apparel companies out there and are best known by this strong three-word phrase.


During the Rio Olympics, one of the main things that caught my eye, yes the gold, but mostly it was the outfits the athletes wore on the podium. The blue and red sweat suit and the bright yellow shoes. Talk about getting your brand out there…in front of the entire world.

They Give Back

Did you know that Nike takes old Nike shoes and turns them into tracks fro athletes and playground mats for children? It’s something they call the “Nike Grind.” Pretty cool to use your own product and transform it to help others.

They Include

The motto, coined by cofounder Bowerman, is “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” By saying this, they let the general public know that their brand is not just for those that live and breathe fitness or play professional sports. Their motto gives everyone a sense of encouragement to get out there and just do it.

They Expand

Aside from shoes and fitness apparel, Nike offers free workout classes and run clubs across the country. They have also created free phone apps that track activity and give you tips on your fitness!

What Can We All Learn From Nike?


Make your brand known. Establish a brand image that is recognized across multiple industries. When you sponsor an event, make sure your brand is seen among all. Give back and let the public know you care. Make your product THE product for every type of customer. And above all, never stop creating, and just do it.

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Just Do It
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