Happy Monday folks! Let’s continue my Watch & Learn series, taking a look at marketing powerhouses and finding what we can learn from them. We’re starting the week off right, looking at Coca-Cola. Enjoy!

So What Do They Do Right?

They Keep It Simple

It’s safe to say Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brand world-wide. Founded in 1892, Coca Cola has maintained its basic ideals and messaging. With slogans like enjoy, and happiness, can it get simpler than that? And they make simple work for them.

They Promote A Feeling, Not A Product

Taste The Feeling. Share A Coke With…insert your friend’s name on the bottle. This soda company doesn’t promote only their soda, but the feeling it will bring you, the experience you will have while drinking.

They Recognize The Seasons

Cans for the Olympics, Christmas, July 4th, Super Bowl, the list goes on. A rush of Christmas spirit runs through my veins the second I pop the top on a can with Santa on the front. Coca-Cola makes me look forward to my favorite time of the year just by recognizing the season on their product. Their holiday commercials resonate with all of us too. Who doesn’t remember the iconic polar bears?

What Can We All Learn From Coca-Cola?

Keep your messaging simple. Make your marketing personal. Let your customers know you’re the best simply by promoting how they’ll feel when they use your product. Nothing is more personal than the holidays and helping customers make memories through your messaging. So the next time you drink a coke, remember you could learn a few marketing lessons simply by enjoying the experience and keeping it simple and consistent.

Share A Coke...Share Some Good Marketing

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