Learn From The Best: Netflix

It’s true what they say: “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” Who’s they? Not sure, but they were right. You can be an “expert” in your field or industry, but if you get to a point where you feel you know it all, you’ve got another thing coming. If we look to the pros like Netflix, we could all learn a little something.

The rest of this week through Tuesday we will take a look into marketing powerhouses and see just what we can learn from them. Today, I thought we’d start with one of my personal favorites: Netflix.

So What Do They Do Right?

They Grow

Netflix has come a long way from simply mailing you a DVD of your choice. Back in the early Netflix days, they became the joy of everyone’s weekend seeing that red envelope in their mailbox. Now, the streaming monster not only is a host for favorite movies and classic TV shows, but they are also creating their own.

They Create

Let’s talk a little bit more about those TV shows they’ve made. Not only have they made their own TV shows but the’ve made good ones. On that list are shows and documentaries that get the world talking. Netflix Originals have began to clean up at award shows, keeping stars of other powerhouses like FOX, NBC and ABC seated at their table eating the complimentary dessert.

They Bring Us Back

Two words: Gilmore Girls. Fans of the 2000 hit show went crazy for simply talk of a reunion…and Netflix delivered. They even made a Gilmore Girls Binge Candle that smells different as you watch each episode! Clever? I think we can all agree, yes, that’s very clever! Another? Full House. Netflix proudly streamed the remake, Fuller House and brought back all those ’90 feels back to the original fans.



They Replace Long-Lasting Norms

More and more people now are “cutting the cord” as it’s commonly known as in the cable industry. Why pay $100 or more each month when you can pay $9.99 and skip on the channels you don’t even watch? It makes sense. Netflix has put fear into the hearts of many cable companies and has also inspired other networks to follow in their foot steps (HBO Now). TVs now have remotes with Netflix buttons on them…I think that’s a sign they’ve made it.

What Can We All Learn From Netflix?

Do your job, and do it well. Make your product or service the standout among competition. Make your product affordable but valuable against all others. Come up with fun ideas and think outside of the box, and never underestimate old classics that worked in the past.


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