Social media has changed the way we view TV advertising. We’re here to compare video then versus video now.

Have you noticed the way video has changed over the past of couple of years? As we have talked about before, video and commercials are not what they used to be. Commercials are becoming a thing of the past with the introduction of DVR, Netflix, and Youtube.

This does not mean that media production has fallen off the face of the earth! It simply means that your company needs to adjust to changing times.

The trend now is for companies to produce high-definition, high-quality videos that people want to watch and share with their friends. No longer are you having to sit through a 60 second commercial, you’re instead watching an entertaining video that gets the point across in less than one minute. Not to mention, a video that you can also easily send along to your friends and family.

Here’s why video is so important. As I stated above, you are going to get more people watching your video, given it captures their short attention span. If they like what they see, they can then share among their friends (which is an amazing aspect to your business). Working as a word-of-mouth tactic, your video is now shared with more and more people within your target audience.

The great thing about video is freedom. Because they are so short you can create as many or as little as you feel. These videos can cover as wide or narrow range of a topics. Feel free to add a little humor to them if fitting!

To sum up the new way of doing “video” … we just want to have fun! No need to fret over the giant commercial production. Instead spend your time creating smaller videos to capture your target market. Get creative with it and your customers will respond.

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