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As digital marketing evolves, SDB Creative Group continues to see the growth in video, and according to Forbes, over 500 million are watching video on Facebook everyday. Look around you, and  there is no doubt you will be lots of people watching  videos on their mobile devices. Quality video production is the key to taking your marketing to the next level.  SDB Creative Group’s over 10 years of experience in video production  has developed a process for video production to get your business noticed. Whether is social media videos, YouTube videos, corporate videos, or tranditional video production for television, following  these steps has helped us get our clients noticed by thier target customers.

First: The Perfect Video Production Concept

Coming up with our next great idea takes planning. Step by step we work through a thorough process of planning out your video production. Great video production needs to be planned, implemented, produced and published, in order to work the most efficiently.

  1. We start by gaining a full understanding of your product or service. When we partner with a client, we like to think of our selves and their “marketing department”. We get to know your business and how it works. By understanding exactly how your team works, we can go to researching your customer.
  2. Gaining an intimate knowledge of your target audience makes our video production much more relevant and successful. Where do they spend their time watching videos, how are they watching videos and on what platforms are all key to knowing how to structure your video to bring leads to your business.
  3. Gathering the dream team is our workshop. We get all of our creative minds together, evaluate our research and work until we come up with the best idea for your business. Brainstorming is the best part, because putting all of the business and customer data and creative ideas together is fun, and we love creating the perfect concept for your business.
  4. This perfect concept is scripted  and or a storyboarded and presented to you.  If actors are needed, we will provide photos or screen test videos to you for your approval.  The purpose of this is for you to have a full visual understanding of how your television commercial or video is going to look before any video is shot.  A date for shooting the video is set after you approve the script.

Second: Lights, Camera, Action

This is the fun part, the video shoot!  Depending upon the script the video may be shot on location at your business or at a separate location.  The cameras, lighting, and sound equipment are positioned, and the shoot begins.  Actual video production can take a few hours, and some can take several days. Our clients are always welcome to be present.


This process is where the magic happens.  The raw video and sound clips are loaded into our editing computers.  The audio files are synced with the video files, and our producer cuts the best clips of video.  The video is then color corrected.  Music and graphics are edited in to enhance the viewers’ experience.


Submit for approval.  This can be done at our studio, at your place of business, or via YouTube.  If revisions are needed, they are made and the video is presented to you again for approval.  All video production done by SDB Creative Group produces requires client approval prior to airing on Television or any other media.  When the video has been approved we distribute it for you via the appropriate channels.