You’re scrolling through your social media catching up on the world. You scroll pass boring text, read half of it and move on. Then you pass a photo, glance at it, and forget what you just saw. Now you come across a video. It begins playing as you scroll. It grabs your attention, you can’t look away. The music is catchy, the look is crisp and the content is helpful. There. I’ve just explained why video is important and necessary to implement into your marketing plan. Let’s discuss some other reasons to use video marketing.

SEO Improvement

Adding video to your website improves your site’s SEO! According to Comscore, video presence on your site can increase your chance of first page Google presence by 53 times!

Better Email Results

Placing a video into your customer emails will increase customer engagement, leading to higher click rates!

Evoke Emotions

Videos have the power to evoke emotions from viewers. Take gripping content, add music and powerful images, and you may have just given your audience a reason to click and learn more about your company.

Attention and Retention

When a consumer comes across a video, they’re more likely to pay attention to the message. It’s also shown that people who watch videos remember the message they’ve seen.

Increase Conversions

All of these benefits lead to the most important thing: conversions. Successful marketing is determined by high conversion numbers.

SDB Creative Group offers in-house video production! Let us create a video that will take your company to the next level.Video marketing will change the way your customers see your messaging. Give us a call today or fill out the form below for more information on video production from SDB!

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Implement Video Into Your Marketing Plan Today With SDB

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