There’s An App For That

It’s part of the daily rhythm for millennials. From transportation like Uber to documentation, to reimbursement, there’s an app for that. Of course there’s Apple Pay and Snapcash, but have you heard of the digital wallet/social network genius known as Venmo?

Venmo is used to settle debts while entertaining Venmo followers. Gone are the days of juggling cash to repay your friends. Now, it’s just “Venmo me.” The debtor hops on their app, sends the money straight from their account into the account of the person they owe. But it doesn’t stop there! Every time a Venmo user makes a payment to a friend, they have to fill out a field summarizing what the payment is a reimbursement for. This message is then collected on a feed that both parties’ network of friends can see (minus the reimbursement amount).

Venmo, as well as other digital payment methods, are just one of the many examples of how our world is changing. Before we know it, the concept of cash and credit cards (and especially checkbooks!) will be soooo “21st Century.” Due to technology and the opportunities these technical advancement bring, our world is changing. Not JUST payment methods, but marketing methods too.

Don’t Get Left Behind

In this world of rapid advancement, is your marketing staying caught up? Is your marketing strategy optimized to attract, convert and close your target customers? If not, there’s an app for that.

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