Let me guess. You read the words “email marketing” and you immediately cringe.

You think of worthless spam emails and multiple clicks to the unsubscribe link.

I know. Me too.
Yes, really. I’m a consumer too and there’s nothing I hate more than time-wasting email solicitations.

Which is why I take a different approach to email marketing for my clients. Because I understand the perspective of a consumer, I strive to provide email marketing messages that are interesting, relevant, helpful or entertaining. Email marketing should not waste the time of your target consumer. Instead, it should attract them with your message.

This attraction will then lead to an awareness of your brand or business. An awareness that will eventually lead to business for you.

Wait. What? How?

Email Marketing Is Effective...

…when done correctly!

Picture this: You have an interior design business. You’ve collected the email address of someone who has considered using your services but has not yet “pulled the trigger.” You send a monthly email marketing piece with your blog collection (information on trends, highly searched topics, and industry news), design planning template, and (most importantly) a free consultation offer.

So guess what this person does? They may not be quite ready to use you yet, but I guarantee you, if they’re serious about hiring an interior designer, they’ll save your email. Why? Because you are giving them the exact content they want. Something that is relevant to their specific needs. And who will they call when they’re ready to make a decision?


That, my friends, is how email marketing (when done correctly) can be an effective way of marketing your business.

But wait…how did you get the email address of that person? How do you build a database of email addresses?

Ahhhh. Glad you asked.

Stay tuned for more on our next marketing type…website marketing!


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