Impressing Investors with Marketing

Whether you’re starting a new business venture, or looking to revise existing marketing efforts, there are 5 ways you can shine in your next board meeting.

1. Create a professional website-Even small businesses can look big with a professional website. Having a website that is visually appealing, as well as both easy to navigate and helpful to website visitors can help build a business build credibility. There are various low-cost website tools available, such as Adobe Dreamweaver or WordPress that allow you to create your own website, specific to the needs of your business.

2. Blog regularly-Like with a website, regular blog posts build credibility with website visitors. Providing those visitors with interesting, current, content that is relevant to their need/stage in the buying cycle. Not only will a blog help you build credibility, but it can also establish a prominent brand presence in the mind of your (future) customer.

3. Exposure-After creating an impressive website as well as remarkable blog content, it is time to expose your business. Show off your hard work by using search engine marketing (SEM) as well as social media to engage others online and build an online presence worth following.

4. Stand Out-Stand out among your competition by offering something unique. Promotions and coupons are great, but something as simple as an eBook or checklist in regards to your product or services can work too. It’s about providing something valuable to your customers (both existing and potential) that will get their attention.

5. Referrals-When someone commends you, use the opportunity to grow your business. Ask them to spread the word! If someone enjoys doing business with you, then more than likely they will enjoy telling others about you. If a happy customer is willing, tell them they can spread the word through their own social media, posting a review online or even writing a testimonial for you to add to your website.

What are Your Marketing Needs?

Marketing can really make or break any type of business venture. Especially in the startup phase of a new business, good marketing can really make all the difference. Despite the fact that social media and other online processes are essentially free, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Good marketing still costs money and it is critical to allocate a marketing budget according to the goals your business would like to achieve. If your early-year marketing budgets aren’t at least 10% of projected sales, plus a kicker for setup, you may be underestimating reality and cannot expect to substantially grow your business with your marketing efforts.

Doing the above 5 marketing steps correctly will not only put you in good standings with investors, potential or existing, but you can increase sales and customers! Get started today by requesting a marketing needs analysis HERE or by clicking the image below. We’ll be happy to help your business assess its’ current marketing efforts and see how they can be improved.

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