Today it is all about being seen in a very noisy, crowded world. These days you need to be everywhere, and not only that, but you need to have a strong presence wherever you are. You start out by finding out where your audience is. Where do they hang out? Is it Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube? Most likely you will need a presence on more than one site. If your customers or clients are on LinkedIn, then you need to be there, too.

What are LinkedIn Showcase pages?

Once you have created a strong company page, you can take advantage of LinkedIn Showcase pages. These are an extension of your company page, and they make connecting with a specific audience much easier and more effective.

One of the problems that businesses have with their social media pages is information overload. You want to highlight all of the services your company has to offer, along with updates, events, specials and so on. The problem is that not only can your page become to “busy” but valuable information can get lost in the shuffle.
LinkedIn showcase pages allow you to create a page for a specific purpose. Not only that, but the layout and features of the page make a dynamic statement that gets attention, which is something that you definitely want.

Here are some examples of using LinkedIn Showcase pages for your business:

• If you have products that are quite different from each other, that attract very different clientele, you can use a separate showcase page for those products. This allows you to target the specific customers without overloading them with information they don’t need.

• You can use separate LinkedIn showcase pages to highlight certain services, separate from physical products.

• You can use your LinkedIn showcase pages to keep readers up to date on news in your company and industry, and to make product or service announcements.

LinkedIn Showcase pages offer a large “hero” image and two columns to help your branding and content shine. These pages are a great way to offer your audience information that is pertinent to them, avoiding overload and making your company page much more appealing and noticeable.

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