Google AdWords Grand Finale

You’ve finally made it until the end of our Google AdWords blog series! Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.

Learn how to use Google AdWords!

Learn how to use Google AdWords to help your business!

Bidding Options

You have the option of setting the bids for each click or having AdWords set bids to help maximize clicks within your budget. Again, there are several bidding options to choose from.

CPC-Charges you when someone clicks your ad.

CPM-Used in the display network, this option is helpful if you are looking to get your ad in front of as many people as possible.

CPA-Charges you when the person who clicks the ad converts, often in a sale. This is tracked with conversion tracking codes or other applications.

I’ll manually set my bids for clicks-This allows you to choose what you want the max CPC to be for any give keyword. This gives you targeting and monitoring freedom.

AdWords will set my bids to help maximize clicks within my target budget-This is a good option if you don’t want to spend the time monitoring and adjusting your campaigns. It gives AdWords the freedom to set the CPC for your keywords, within your budget.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are keywords/phrases that can be placed under your ad if they are of relevance to your business. They can include the location of your business, a sitelink that takes the online visitor to relevant content within your website, social links that link to your social media profiles, or the call option which allows your phone number to appear below the ad.

Advanced Settings

You can further customize your campaign in Advanced Settings. This allows you to schedule your ads, customizing when you would like them to run. You can set a start and end date or change the hours or days you’d like your ad to run.

How Would You Like That?

Also in Advanced Settings, you can choose how you want Google to show your ads. Yet again, you have several options:

Optimize for Clicks-AdWords will show ads that are likely to provide more clicks to your offer.

Optimize for Conversions-AdWorkds will show ads that have the highest conversion rates.

Rotate Evenly-AdWords will rotate all ads evenly for a set amount of time, and then optimize after.

Frequency Capping-This limits the number of times a specific user sees your ad on the display network.

In addition, you can choose to only show your ads to certain demographics. This option is only available to campaigns using the display network, due to the fact that only websites in the group report on the demographics of their user base. This option is also helpful if your looking into determining your target demographic.

You can also look into “Keyword Matching Options” to include misspellings, plurals, and other variations of your keywords. You can also select phrase match for your keywords. You can select exact match if you only want to appear on exact matches for the keywords you enter.

Create an Ad Group

Once your AdWords campaign is created, you can begin making ad groups. You can then create any ad copy you want, including text, image and mobile ads. The Display Ad Builder tool on Google will help you build your ad and pick from Google’s library of templates and images. You also have the option to create specialized ad content.

Tip: The best ads include 3 things: keyword relevance (make your ad copy relevant to your selected keywords), a call-to-action (download here, try now, etc.), and value (what is the value in your product or service?)

Using Google AdWords makes it pretty easy to input the actual copy of your ad, with labeled form fields that take you through the copywriting process.

Get Started!

Alright, you made it until the end! After correctly implementing the tactics used in this blog series, you’ll see an increase in website traffic, more generated leads and an increase in sales! Google AdWords, as well as other online ads, are a beneficial part of an inbound marketing program. So many factors can contribute to a remarkable marketing campaign. Are you utilizing them all? Find out by downloading our FREE checklist by clicking here or the image below!

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