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You’ve created a killer keyword list, optimal to your goals and budget. Now let’s begin using Google AdWords to create your first campaign!

Using Google AdWords can increase your business!

Using Google AdWords is a process…learn how to utilize it for your business!

Once you’re in Google Adwords, select “create your first campaign” and choose the type of campaign you want. You’ll have several options:

AdWords Campaign Options

Default-Ads will appear on both Google Search Network and Google Display Network on all devices. Your ad will be visible to the most number of potential customers.

Search Network Only-You ad will only appear on Google’s search results and relevant sites that are part of the Search Network (Google Maps, Images, Shopping, and AOL). This option gives you more control as to where your ads are placed because of the limited number of site options.

Display Network Only-Ads will appear on websites in the Google Display Network (all of Google’s partnering websites, i.e. YouTube and Gmail).

Display Network Only (Remarketing)-This option shows your ads on the display network to people who have already visited your website in the past. This helps you target people who have previously showed interest in your website.

Search and Display Networks (Mobile Devices)-Your ad will only show up on mobile devices and tablets. This is a good option for a business that sells a product or service that people use mainly while on the go.

Online Video-This places your ads on YouTube and other sites within the Google Display Network that are relevant.

Location, Location, Location

Next, name your ad campaign something relevant and easily recognized. After naming your campaign, you will want to select the location/language for your ad. If you are looking to sell anywhere, you can select a broad reach. However, if you are looking to target more specifically, you can choose the specific areas where your ad will appear. You can also exclude certain locations from your search. Then, choose the language your customers speak. This feature will not translate your ad into another language, but allow your ad to only appear only to people who have selected the language you choose as their primary language.

You can then customize the networks and devices you want your ad to show up on. With the default campaign type, all devices will be selected. If you’d like, you can go I and customize the device types. To select the network, you will again have to choose from a list of options, similar to the campaign types.

Speaking of Google…

Phew. We know that’s a lot to take in! Which is why we’ll give you some time before finishing with Google Adwords-Part 3! Stay tuned. While we’re on the topic of Google, do your clients know how to give your company a 5 Star Google Review? If not, print out this download and give it to your customers. It’s an easy step-by-step way for them to rate your business! The more high-star Google reviews you have, the more likely online shoppers will be to pick YOU. Click HERE or on the image below!


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