Yesterday, I told you a little bit about Facebook and how using Facebook can grow your business.

(No, it isn’t just a mindless time waster.)

But what are the capabilities of Facebook and how exactly can it be used to grow your business?

I’m glad you asked. Read on!

Content Sharing

Probably the most obvious reason to use Facebook is to “get the word out” or sharing the information (content) to the people who “like” your page. Whether this is a blog post, or just a simple fact about your business, using Facebook is the perfect way to inform people about your business, as well as create an awareness of your name.

Want To Use Facebook For Business?

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Event Responses

Have a business event coming up that you’d like to invite people to? Facebook is the perfect way to do it! Create an event within your business page, post all the details, and post it to your page! Guests can not only find out more about the event you’re hosting, but they can also RSVP and share it with their friends! It’s the ultimate invitation.


People who “like” your page will often use that as a way to communicate with you. They can comment on a post, write a review, or even send you a private message. All of these are valuable ways to communicate with your customer. Be sure every communication gets a (quick) response from you!


Of course, Facebook is also an important advertising tool. Unfortunately, a lot of your posts will go unseen without the help of some advertising dollars. It’s important to know that Facebook is not free and that for your page to be most effective, you have to pay.

Using Facebook is the perfect way to grow your business. Don’t miss out on the valuable marketing opportunities Facebook provides. Need help? Contact the Facebook pros at SDB! Simply submit the form above.

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