There are so many reasons to use marketing besides just getting more customers. This week, we’re talking about those! Yesterday, we discussed achieving name recognition. Today, we’re on to reputation management through marketing. Check it out!

We touched on this yesterday, but sometimes people have negative connotations toward a business name or brand. This can be for a variety of different reasons, some even out of your own control. The question is, what do you do about it?

More than likely, you’ll want to address anything negative about your business. For example, if an angry customer is on Facebook ranting about how bad your business is, wouldn’t you want a chance to make it right? Or at least make the effort?

But if your business isn’t on Facebook, it’s hard to do that.

Looking To Manage Your Reputation?

…just another perk to marketing!

It is almost even more important to acknowledge negative comments on social media than the positive ones. Why? What goes on the Internet stays there. It is critical that when people read the comments, they see that you are trying to make an effort in a sympathetic, rational, way.

Or, say, there’s a message you need to get out to your customers in regards to something that could affect your business name poorly. How would you do it? Marketing is the perfect way to manage your reputation. Through email, blogging, sponsored content, etc. you can send a message to protect your name.

Without marketing or the media behind it, you wouldn’t be able to communicate with your customers. Give yourself the ability to manage your reputation through marketing. You’ll be glad you did.

But wait! There’s even more that your business can do with marketing. See you tomorrow for more!

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