As you know, doing business, no matter the industry, requires more than just product/service knowledge. It requires customer service, too. And accompanying that customer service is customer communication. How do you communicate with your customers?

One way to practice effective customer communication is through marketing. Think about it. Every single time you use marketing, you’re sending a message. In turn, communicating with your customer. Just think about all the marketing messages you receive in a day!

Let’s discuss a couple of the ways you can use digital marketing to communicate with your customer base. (Keep in mind, the word “customer” here is not limited to only those you have previously done business with. While those people are involved, too, customers can be anyone you’re looking to potentially do business with as well.)

Need Better Customer Communication?

…find it with marketing!

How To Communicate With Marketing

Email Marketing – Email marketing is perhaps the most straightforward marketing message of the digital marketing media we use; because, it’s essentially just that, a literal message within a content box. You might say, “okay, email marketing doesn’t work. Every time I receive an email from a business, I delete it immediately.” First of all, I bet you don’t. I would bet that if you received a marketing email from a business that offered you some type of incentive, you would at least open it. Second of all, your name going through the inbox of a customer, is an impression of your business…an impression that leads to a “top of the mind” awareness in the mind of your customer.

Social Media – Your customers are on social media. Period. End of story. Whatever message you have to send to them, you can put on social media. And with the right strategy, it will be seen by your customers. In addition to sending messages on social media, you can receive them, too! Find out how to make your customers ultimately choose you, simply by acknowledging and doing what you can to satisfy them.

Those are just two of various marketing media you can use to send a message to practice customer communication. Want more information? Simply submit the form above!


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