Billboard Effectiveness?

You’re driving down the road, you see a billboard here, a billboard there. We probably see hundred of these ads every week and only remember a handful. With outdoor advertising being put on the back burner when it comes to marketing your company, there has been an industry finding a huge benefit to these giant boards of the sky.

Investigations. The police force has been able to use billboards to benefit their searches for missing people and getting the message out to the public. With a picture the size of your car, it is bound to catch the viewer’s eye. Recently the Missing People charity announced their milestone with 100 people found safe after launching the campaign last summer. It seems as though these investigations are seeing great results and many more people will start to benefit from these informative billboards.

Bill Wilson, Director of Outdoor Media Center does a great job explaining the positive impact of using these billboards: “Outdoor is the perfect platform for running a responsive and regionally targeted campaign that relies on the timely dissemination of information. Billboards can publish missing person reports instantly, getting them in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands of people.”

Billboards are a great way to let the public know of an emergency. So will we start seeing information pop up on these billboards, particularly digital billboards at a time of need? For example, emergency evacuations and severe weather alerts.

We think so.

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