Team USA fans weren’t the only ones going crazy after the USA’s victory against Ghana last week. Twitter went abuzz after the World Cup, with a total of over 4.9 million tweets during the game. All this  may cause one to ask, “what’s all this Twitter hype about?”

Here’s our top 5 list of Twitter things to know:

1. Twitter was created and launched in 2006, and has since grown to 100 million active daily users in 2014. These users have been given the names “Tweeters” or “Tweeps.” Twitter enables users to post short updates called “tweets” in a 140 character or less message. These messages are not limited to text, but can include links or photos. Because Twitter is both quick and current, it tends to spike during prominent events, such as the USA victory in the World Cup.

2. Twitter has also been known for creating the hashtag (#) to group similar posts together by word or phrase. Similarly, “mentioning” a fellow Twitter user by using the @ sign followed by their username is how “Tweeters” reply to each other. Additionally, a “retweet”, which is signaled by the letters “RT”, is when a Twitter user reposts a tweet from another user, sharing it with their own followers. For a further explanation of the Twitter language, there is even a “Twittonary,” which can be referenced for explanations of the words and phrases used on Twitter.

3. Whenever a topic is “hashtagged” at a fast rate, the topic is said to be “trending”, or popular among Twitter users. Unlike some social networks, Twitter revolves around users following other users. For this reason, Twitter is widely used for following world leaders, actors, sports teams and professionals, or even specific industries.

4. Twitter is a great place for companies, large & small, to get their name out. It’s an easy place to showcase your personality, not only of your brand, but your employees too. Engaging with your followers & responding to customer service inquiries shows people you are open and responsive to their needs as consumers. In a survey conducted by research group Loyalty 360, more than 25 percent of businesses indicated they ranked social media as the most effective channel for customer retention.

5. Twitter is the fastest moving of any social network. With busy lifestyles and the growing fast-paced culture, it is clear to see that the Twitter platform will only continue to grow. Since its’ launch, Twitter has become be a “Tweeters” one-stop shop for news, reviews, scores and even job searching. After choosing a username, designing your profile and following your favorite fellow Tweeters, you can become a part of all the Twitter hype!

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