Now that you know a little more about the Twitterverse, it is important to know how to optimize your own account. Whether you’ve created your Twitter for personal use or to market your business, here are 3 simple tips that can make your profile follow-worthy!

1. Make the Twitter profile your own!

Customize your Twitter profile to attract other users. Changing your profile picture and background image is an effective way to create a positive first impression. Choose a picture and image that are both personal and relatable, not something that looks like an advertisement. Write a biography in the “bio” section that uses keywords that potential followers may be searching. Try to use all 160 characters, making your profile both easy to find and easy to understand. Most importantly, be creative! Make it a page you would want to follow!

2. Get followers of your Twitter profile!

Ducks & momma

A good profile will help you gain a great following

You’ve created an appealing page, so it should be easy to find users who want to follow you. Think of it like finding new friends. Of course you would look for people you share interests with or something in common. First, start by following pages that interest you (or your industry) or have some other commonality. Try using the suggestions Twitter makes for you on their sidebar. Engage in conversations with the accounts you follow (just like chatting with your friends)! In no time, other users will see your Twitter presence and you’ll be on your way to building a solid Twitter following!

3. Ready, Set, Tweet!

Now that your Twitter account has been created, your page is customized, and you’ve built a following, it’s time to tweet! When you tweet, be sure to make them funny, useful, or informative. The last thing your followers will want is a play-by-play of your daily life. Keep in mind you’re looking to engage followers, not scare them away. Tweets typically have a shorter life span than other social media posts, so you can tweet up to 5 times per day (2 or 3 minimum). And don’t forget to retweet! “Tweeters” love when their followers share their posts. More exposure is great, especially for a business. When a post is retweeted, it is exposed to a different audience, creating an opportunity to obtain more followers. Want to make your tweet a little more personal or direct it to someone specific? Use the @username feature to mention a follower.

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