Twitter is an amazing tool, especially for businesses. Can you say what you want to say in 140 characters or less? Do you believe less is more? If your business’s answer is “YES,” then prepare to tweet all about it!

Why Tweet?

Most everyone knows this, but Twitter allows you to update your followers from anywhere you can get to the internet…and that means you’re able to access to a lot of people throughout the day, anytime and anywhere. Twitter has evolved into a major social media player, with an estimated 310,000,000 users as of February 1, 2016.

As a business, you can use Twitter to attract potential clients and lead them to your other content on the internet such as your website, other platforms, or even your bricks and mortar business. They even offer advertising options for business users! Twitter can also facilitate excellent customer relations, as well as help avoid poor customer relations. It’s critical to plan your campaign and create quality posts to interest people and make them want to follow or retweet your posts.

Don’t Tweet Blindly


If your primary goal is to drive people to your website, Twitter isn’t the platform for you. People on twitter want conversation with real people, not just to be pushed to your site. Do you want to keep customers aware of your daily specials or events you’re planning? Your goal is to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Plan your campaign to include all of your social media platforms, as well as blog to your website. Think personalization and interaction!


Quality outweighs quantity. Find connectors who post relevant content you will want to retweet with our followers. Look for people who post frequently about your business. Use the search bar often to see if anyone new is tweeting you want to follow.

You Followed And Re-Tweeted Us, Right?

SDB Gets Twitter.


The person in charge of your tweets should be knowledgeable and dedicated to listening to your community chatter. They should understand the culture in your company and be someone you are comfortable with talking about your brand. It’s very important on Twitter to respond to messages in a timely manner. That’s what users expect. Real people want to know they are talking to other real people. If your company name is your twitter handle, you should list in your profile the name of those responsible for tweeting. Employees can identify themselves by including a carrot (˄) and their initials, such as ˄AGN.


Twitter is a perfect place for your company’s personality to come through. Don’t be afraid to use humor, as long as it is business appropriate.

These are just a few basics to get you started as a business Twitter user. Once you start tweeting, you can find a wealth of people to follow. Businesses have come up with very creative ways to say more with less, and customers appreciate that! SDB is experienced in utilizing Twitter to help its customers get the word out about their companies. Ask us how!

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