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Leave it to us to take the mystery out of TV and radio advertising.

Media buying is an art. It is extremely easy to make critical mistakes when buying media if you are inexperienced. There are more options than ever to buy advertising media. It would be impossible for you to buy advertising on all of them, even if you spent just a few dollars, which would never work. Not only do you have to evaluate these hundreds of media options available, but you have to know how and when your buyers are consuming that media. You also have to work with the challenges of technology available to your buyers. You might have the prime commercial placement in the top network drama. Does it have the same value if 90% of the audience records the show and skips your commercial?

No. As you can see, media buying takes quite a bit of research. Furthermore, the internet has complicated media buying even further. According to Nielsen, 97% of consumers will do some form of research online before making a purchase. This makes an extremely strong argument for having an online media presence. The internet presents thousands of media buying opportunities. If you agree with us that it is easy to make a mistake buying traditional media, then you should have no doubts about it being even harder to effectively buy internet media.


Don’t worry, there’s good news. SDB Creative Group takes the mystery out of media buying. We have purchased millions of dollars of media for our clients. We have experts who are highly trained and have the experience to get the most out of your buy. Media buying made easy. If you’d like to know more about our media buying success, or would like some help for your own media buy, fill out the form below. We’d love to help!

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