We’re continuing to share our marketing horror stories in honor of Halloween. This one is about the travesties a man came upon by only using traditional media techniques. Read on if you dare…

*Cue the thunder, lightning, and scary music ( oh, and the scary laugh)

The Tale Of The The Traditional Media Travesty

Stan was successful. Ask anyone who ever used his services. Now, I won’t say what business it was, but it sure was great. Keyword, WAS.

Everything happened the night Stan was at a friend’s house watching the recording of the latest Agents of Shield episode. Sounds harmless, right? Wrong. What the group didn’t know was that Stan’s company commercial was set to air during the prime time show, and he was eager to see their reaction. He played it in his mind over and over. “Stan, you’re there on the TV AND you’re here on my couch!” He chuckled to himself thinking, “they have no idea what’s coming.”

What A Nightmare

The time had come. The screen faded, the music began to play. He saw a glimpse of his logo and THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN…he heard the worst words possible from a so called “friend.” “Let’s fast-forward, no one watches commercials anymore.” Much to his dismay, the screen flashed over his commercial so quickly he was unrecognizable even on the big screen in front of his pals.

Now Let’s Settle Down

Am I saying that all efforts in traditional media are lost? Absolutely not. The truth is, traditional media methods are a perfect supplement to your complete marketing package. Without an online presence, consistent posting on your social media, and advertisements on Google, your efforts may just get missed all together. Just like Stan. Spooky to even think about.

Traditional Marketing:

Trick? Or Treat?

Don’t be like Stan.If you’re business is relying solely on traditional media, you could be missing the mark. Beware of traditional media on it’s own. Contact SDB today for all of your marketing needs!

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