As a business owner you are obviously a master at your business. You probably are not however, a website designer. So when you set to the task of designing a website for
your company, many things get overlooked, or missed because your busy running your business. Take a look at this list of website mistakes, if you see something on here that you have done/not done. And if so, you can change that. Most of the time, these things are an easy fix, and can greatly increase the productivity of your site.

What’s the obvious first website mistake, you ask?


You’ve carefully selected employees who have strengths to compliment the rest of your staff. You probably delegate tasks based on employee experience and strengths. Why would you risk a website mistake by having someone or yourself embark on something that is the first impression a potential customer gets of who you are, with no experience? Don’t!


We all have the tendency to forget that not all people like to use email, chat and social networking to communicate. There are still many people who are potential customers that prefer to do business over the phone. They want to get a sense of who you really are. These conversationalists will notice this website mistake and be hesitant to do business with you if your phone number is not readily available to them on your site.

Website Mistakes #3: OUTDATED SITE

Many websites started way back when the internet really began taking off in the private home. Unlike fashion, these old sites will not come back into style. It’s a website mistake to have an old website, that gives potential customers the idea that your products or services are less than up to par. So give your site a makeover, and ensure that all of your content is relevant and up to date as well.

Website Mistakes #4: OVERDONE BIO

Stop yourself from going on and on about you with the website mistake, because at this point your readers don’t care. They want to know how you can help them. Making your site more customer focused will create a dramatically higher response.

Website Mistakes #5 HARD TO READ FONTS

There are so many cool and beautiful fonts out there that sometimes it’s easy to get caught in the website mistake of  how pretty a font is. Your focus should be on how easily it is on the eyes to read. Fonts in the sans serif and serif families are a good bet, these are the fonts used by printers for books because they are easy on the eyes.


You want to be in total control of your domain? DO NOT MAKE THE WEBSITE MISTAKE OF USE FREE HOSTING ACCOUNTS. If you do, you run the risk of being shut down unexpectedly, and you are at the mercy of their terms of service. As a business owner, your website is the main link to your customers and clients. Make sure that you are in total control by using a hosting service.


Ok, so what is a META TAG? In simple terms, the Meta Tags give information on what you are offering and what your website is all about. It is a part of how search engines find you, and subsequently, how your visitors find you and know that your site contains what they are searching for. You can see how this website mistake can cost you. So, instead of using terms like “welcome to our page” it is a good practice to use a phrase that describes who you are and what you do. Use a few keywords in the phrase as well. Keep it at 65 characters or less.


It is important for you to capture leads from your website and create a database. This database is a great marketing tool to send out specials and newsletters to keep your customers informed and keep your company fresh in their minds.

Website Mistake #9: NO VIDEO

People are visual and are accustomed to watching and hearing instead of having to read! Having a video on your site gives your users the option to do what they want and still get your information.


Services, such as hotmail, gmail and yahoo, are all fine for your personal use. However, when it comes to business, nothing says, “I work out of my parent’s garage,” like using an email address such as,, which can be a costly website mistake. Give your customers a professional impression by using your company name as the domain name.

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