Lights, camera, action!

Err…not quite. It is easy to make a bad video, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. And bad videos can be bad for your business, but you already knew that! That’s why you’re here. Here is a short list of mistakes to avoid when producing a video:

(If you’d like this list in a checklist format, click HERE to download a PDF).

Mistakes to avoid when producing video

Producing a video isn’t as easy as it might seem…

Mistakes To Avoid When Producing A Video

  1. Using a hand held, phone or cheap camera-Not much explanation needed here.
  2. Using the audio from their camera-Quality audio is crucial; you want your audience to hear you, don’t you?
  3. Not using lighting-Avoid those nasty shadows. Lighting can make a HUGE difference!
  4. Having a high school or college student make the video-Just because they made a cute video about their dog doesn’t mean they can do the same for your business. Sorry, we’re just being honest to save you time and money later on!
  5. Having a TV or Cable station make the video-Their focus is on selling time not production value. So, even if you’re getting a “deal,” it’s not always a good idea to trust a TV or cable station.
  6. Not using a script-Not planning is planning to fail. Plus, editing a video without a script can be a nightmare.
  7. Not hiring professional talent-You may not be as good of an actor as you think you are. Sorry, but it’s true. (Trust us, we’re trying to help you out).
  8. Talking about your company and not your customers-No one really cares about you. Give the people what they want! How can YOU help THEM?
  9. Thinking you’re funny when you are really not-If you’re not getting paid to be a comedian, don’t try to be one (again, we’re trying to help you out).
  10. Not keeping the message simple-Don’t give them too much to think about. Generally, people don’t like thinking if they’re watching a video. Keep it simple.

Need More Help?

After reading our mistakes to avoid when producing a video, we hope you have a better understanding of what it takes to make a good video. But if you need more help, we’re just a phone call away. If you’re not quite ready to make a video yet, you should look around at some of the free resources we provide, like the one below (click HERE or the image below to begin the download). Or, check out our website section on video production. Good luck!

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